Our friends at Reverie just released the findings of a brand new Michigan State University sleep study.


Synopsis of the Study

There were two groups of college students (male and female) who were studied for a 24-hour period that began just before bedtime. Both groups were given cognitive tests before going to bed to establish a baseline. One group slept with a 20-minute Reverie 3D-Wave massage at bed; the other did not. Throughout the night, both groups were given standard physiological tests to track their sleep quality.

When they woke up in the morning, members of both groups were asked about the quality of their sleep and were given another cognitive test. They were also asked to rate their initial alertness and mood.

Throughout the rest of the day, as members of both groups went about their normal daytime activities, they received text messages every two hours, asking them to rate their alertness and mood.


The Findings

There were two main differences between the two groups in the study.

  • The students who had used the Reverie 3D-Wave massage the night before woke up feeling... you guessed it. Happier.
  • Not only that—the effects didn't wear off! Those who had 3D-Wave massage at night were more alert and in a better mood throughout the day.


the takeaway

Reverie's 3D-Wave massage technology is truly revolutionary. Using the scientific principle of resonant frequency, they have developed a more dynamic massage with a circular motion that you can't find on other massage furniture. It’s also gentler and quieter—a travelling, zen motion that increases blood flow and circulation.

Lying on one of these Sleep Systems with their amazing 3D-Wave massage technology feels amazing! But they are more than just lifestyle beds—they can actually promote deeper and more restful sleep and better health.

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