Why is a bed an investment?

We spend a LOT of time in our bed. Roughly 1/3 of our life, in fact, and that 1/3 of our life we spend in bed has an enormous effect on the other 2/3. Healthy sleep = healthy waking hours. When you think about it, investing in getting the proper sleep our bodies need is one of the wisest and most important investments we can make. If your waking hours are filled with physical and emotional exhaustion, foggy heads, and sore joints, then maybe you need to invest more in your sleep, including finding a bed that will give you the return you want in your waking-hours.


Why invest more in a great bed?


This is a very common question we hear. And an important one! No one likes to spend money for the sake of spending money—we all want to make wise investments. 

This question goes back to our SleepWellness philosophy: If you want to sleep well, you need a great bed.

We have carefully vetted the types of beds we offer at our store, because we genuinely want to help people sleep better. We're not in the business of selling discount mattresses, because, frankly, we would never sleep on one of those types of beds, so why would we sell them to you and your family?

When you buy a bed from us at SleepWellness, you can expect a couple of things:

1) Our beds generally cost more than those you can buy online or at a chain mattress store. That is because they have been carefully selected as beds that are actually solving sleep problems and are made of higher quality materials that will be healthier to you and your family. That's not to say that we are unfairly priced—quite the contrary. We are a small business, and we keep our overhead costs down so that we don't have to mark up prices.

2) You're making a smart and safe investment. Our beds are all designed and built to provide long-term, continuous support so you won't have to re-invest every few years. If you find that your bed isn't working for you, we promise to help you find one that does.


Is the investment worth it?


Let us tell you a few of the stories we often hear from our clients:

I practically live at the chiropractor's. I've been going for years, and I don't think my bed is helping.

We've spoken with chiropractors who have prescribed spine alignment chairs for their patients' cars and offices, but their biggest struggle is, "How do I keep them aligned during their sleep?"

I bought my bed only a couple of years ago, but it already sinks so much I feel like I'm sleeping in a hammock.

The materials in mattresses differ in quality. Most conventional mattresses contain polyurethane foams that break down, become softer, and lose their ability to push back and support you. This results in sagging and lasting impressions in your bed and restless nights and sore days for you. People who invest in these types of beds often have to invest in a new one every two or three years.

I am so tired all the time. I'm just not sleeping well. Half the time, I end up out on the couch.

This last one highlights—for us, at least—why investing in a great bed is worth it: If you're not sleeping, your quality of life drastically suffers. You're more prone to sickness, disease, and obesity, you're at a higher risk for heart attack and stroke, you're unable to focus and think clearly... it's just not healthy. 

So is it worth paying more for your bed?

For more and more people who have made the investment, the answer is yes.


Invest in a Great Bed Today!