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Why do I have to request pricing?

To promote a competitive market, our vendors have instituted MAP (minimum advertised price) pricing structures for their products. Because our prices are often well below MAPs, we are contractually restricted from posting our prices online. But we would love to talk pricing with you directly!



What if I can get it cheaper somewhere else?

We want to get you the best product at the best price. If you can find the same product for a better price, let us know. We can match or beat it.



Can you give me a deal?

Okay, let's talk deals. First off, it's important to note that we carry the best products out there, and the best products tend to cost more. That said, we are very fairly priced (often beating MSRPs), and we love to offer deals when we can, especially when it means you're going to be able to get the products that will help you sleep better. Here are a couple of things we offer:

  1. Every several weeks, OMI offers manufacturer deals on organic mattresses and bedding that we love to pass on to you. Ask us anytime about any current deals.

  2. We offer a "Quick Buyer" deal that includes two free pillows of your choice and free delivery and setup when you purchase your order with us within a week (7 days) of your first visit at our store.

  3. Finally, because we want to make it easier for you to get the products that help enhance your sleep experience, we are excited to offer 10% credit towards a Reverie adjustable base or an Infinity massage chair from whatever amount you spend on an OMI, Reverie, or INTELLIbed mattress here at SleepWellness. Spend $1000, get a $100 credit.